Thursday, March 20, 2008

We say goodbye.

When the 2006/2007 season came to an end, we said goodbye to players like Brummitt, Matheson, Owsiak, Sapieha, Schmautz and Everett Sheen. Because of these loses, it really didn't look too promising for a good 07/08 season.


The 2007/2008 regular season saw many players come into the organization and perform very good. The veterans also came through to fill the void of the departures. Now we must say goodbye and thank you to this years departures. As far as I can tell, we say adios to;

David Civitarese to Colorado College
Jesse Perrin to Western Michigan University
Kyle Schussler to Dartmouth College
Justin Daigle to University Of Alaska Fairbanks
Brad Eidsiness to University of North Dakota
Curtis Leinweber to University of Alaska Anchorage
Elliot Sheen to Merrimack College
Jesse Hudkins to Princeton University
Carter Madsen to Merrimack College

(If I have any mistakes in thsi list, please let us know)

We are looking forward to any Oilers news during the off season, and we will be there when the group of Oilers start their quest for the 2008/2009 holy grail.

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