Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oilers advance to round 2

The Okotoks Oilers have advanced to the second round of this years playoffs thanks to a 4-2 win over the Calgary Canucks on Wednesday night at the Max Bell Arena. Led by a 2 goal performance by the fiesty Jesse Hudkins, the Oilers were continuely beating the Canucks to the puck, strongly forechecking and showed why they finished second overall in the league this year.
The Oilers held a large territorial advantage in the first period, but the referee called a goal for the Canucks without the puck going into the net. A good shot from a Canucks player looked to hit the post and stay out of the net, but the goal light came on. As the Canucks were celebrating and going to center ice for the faceoff, Brad stormed out of his net to confront the referee that the puck was infact, caught up in his pants and did not enter the net. The ref and linesmen had a group hug, then the ref consulted the goal judge. After a lengthly chat, it was ruled a goal, but I can tell you the puck did NOT go into the net.
The boys played a good game, and with help of 3 PP goals (2 by Hudkins), the team showed they wanted to finish the series, and they did.

Next up are the Drumheller Dragons, best of seven, starting this Sunday at 1:30. Bring your bells and clappers and see ya there!

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