Monday, March 10, 2008

Oilers dig themselves a hole...

This was suppose to be the game we came back from an ugly loss yesterday to show Drumheller the real Oilers. Instead, we showed up with some great new uniforms, but the same old, underachieving team. For the second straight game (and day) the crowd left disappointed as we went down to a 3-2 defeat.
Mind you, this game was a much better effort. Again, Brad Eidisness was a little weak on a couple of goals. He was allowing rebounds, which led directly to the Dragons breakaway third goal. The powerplay was 1 for 12 and did not get many shots on goal.
With Justin Daigle and Curtis Leinweber overhandling the puck most of the night, we still managed to outshoot the Dragons 32-25, but you win games by putting the puck behind the opposing goaltender.
Now it's off to Drumheller, and if the Oilers don't start winning soon, the series will be over on Thursday. Let's hope they can come back and show all why they finished second overall in the AJHL in the regular season.

GO OILERS GO, we are not giving up hope.

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