Monday, February 18, 2008

Royals give our boys a tough time

So today is Family Day in Alberta. Happy Family Day. And by looking at the people in attendance to the Oilers/Royals game this evening, families were everywhere. A season high 1180 spectators saw the pesty Royals take our Oilers right to the end, and with just a minute or two left in the second overtime, Elliot Sheen put the puck in the net and we came out on the 4-3 winning side of the scoreboard.
Even though the Royals did not have alot of shots during the game, they made the best of them. We were down 3-1 going into the second, when Curtis Leinweber scored a pair midway through the period to bring the game into overtime.

With Elaine and I being away on vacation, and just arriving back on Saturday night, it sure was nice to get back into the "cheering" mode. With 3 games left to play in the regular season, It looks like it might be the Canucks and the Oilers in the first round??? We will know by weeks end then bring on the REAL season.

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