Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oilers tame the Kodiaks once again

Who would have thought !!! If you are a diehard Oilers fan, you may have thought we had a chance to win this game. If not...then your totally surprised. The Oilers downed the Camrose team 4-3 on Tuesday night in a hard fought, hard hitting match that saw our top goal scored Carter Madsen go down with a shoulder injury.
Even without Carter, the Oilers sucked it up and gave their grittiest performance yet. Leading 1-0 after the first, and no scoring in the second, it left us all anxiously waiting the third. Camrose tied the score at the 6 minute mark, followed a minute later by David Civitrease's first of 2. Camrose once again tied it up on the PP a couple of minutes later. With David getting his second goal of the game with 8 minutes to play, it was starting to look like the game was going our way, but with Camrose tying it up a minute later, the seesaw battle continued until Derek Rodwell scores with 5 minutes left to play.
A period full of emotion with so many ups and downs, and this is still only regular season. Goes to show you how important this game was for the fans also. Now is first place for the taking??? Time will tell.

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