Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oilers slipping

After losing 2 games this weekend to so called weaker teams in the Northern Division of the AJHL, we find ourselves in third place in the Southern Division. Drumheller has jumped 5 points ahead of the Okotoks Oilers and the Calgary Canucks who have allowed the fewest number of goals in the entire league are 3 points ahead.And don't look behind us or you will see Brooks on our doorstep (one point back) and Olds right behind them.

So does the standing really matter? Probably not. At least not at this time of year. Only one team misses the playoffs and we all know that it will be the Calgary Royals.

The important thing is to get consistency during the year and the Oilers do not have it now. Winning only 1 game in the past 7 proves that. Sure, injuries have a bit to do with that. But when I listen to away games, I just don't hear things like "a great pass by Hudkins" or "a great rush by Daigle". Right now it's "an errant pass by.." or " a give away by..." .

The Oilers have to pull up their socks and find their offense again, and the defence have to get the puck out of the zone more quickly or this could be a long season.

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