Friday, October 3, 2008

Oilers down the Kodiaks.

I won't go into the game reviews here anymore. They are available on the Okotoks Oilers website. I will rant and rave though, something that I can't do on the Oilers site.

There were 14 penalties called against the Camrose Kodiaks last night, compared to 9 against our Oilers. Looks and sounds like the Kodiaks were getting beat to the puck and the D were getting beat quite often causing the Camrose team to take the penalities. Give the Oilers credit for there perserverance of drive and pressuring the Kodiaks into these penalities.

Our guys are playing extremely well right now. Everyone is chipping in and the scoring and defense are working great. Every win is important, but wins against specific teams like the Kodiaks are a little sweeter.

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