Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oilers start strong, Royals finish strong....

There I was, in front of the computer, waiting for the Royals/Oilers to start. The Royals broadcast live video and chat action during their games. But tonight, the game was not broadcast. The people that were on the chat were all asking what happened, and so did I. I felt robbed and disappointed. After 3/4 of an hour waiting to see if the video was going to come on (which it never did) I switched on our local radio station "The Eagle 100.9" and low and behold, the broadcast was on the radio. So I started to blog the game on the chat and was quite enjoying myself, trying to post the major happenings. The score was 4-0 for the Oilers, beginning of the second period. Then it happened. I must be a jinx. 4-1 Oilers. Second intermission, 4-2 Oilers, 4-3 Oilers and yes, you guessed it, 4-4. Into overtime. OT1 no scoring but Chris Duszynski takes a penalty and it carries into OT2 and yep, the Royals score and win in OT 5-4.
Braley Torris was in the net and made 27 saves and from what I heard, could not be blamed for the loss. Guess the guys get complacant and think that being up 4-0, the game is in the bag. Goes to show you the game is 60 minutes long and the guys can't take a shift off. Hopefully they learned something from this game and come out with a good strong 60 minute effort on Thursday against Canmore Eagles.

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