Sunday, January 27, 2008

All Star Game(s)

I am not a big fan of All Star games. Sure, I watch them, but what do they mean? I like the other activities that an All Star weekend offers. Fastest skater, most accurate shot etc. But the game itself I can do without. They are played in an enviroment that is totally unlike "normal" game conditions. The hitting, checking and intensity IS hockey. You don't see that with all the stars playing.
The AJHL saw their All Star game played Saturday, and as an Okotoks Oiler fan, I thought our guys contributed quite well. David Civitrese with a goal and 2 assists in the first period looked promising, and Elliot Sheen with a goal at the end of the second and another goal at the end of the third showed himself well.
But what does it all mean?? mmmm I'm thinking........still thinking.....

Bring on Camrose on Tuesday. That game will have the intensity, hitting and checking that is needed in this game called hockey...

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