Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now it feels like baseball.

So our holidays are over and the sun is out. Kind of reminds us of summer. Oh, ya, it IS summer and the boys are a dozen games into this season. The ballpark still buzzes with every pitch so it must be on.

The new uniforms are just OK, but I like the old ones better. The O on the ballcaps don't bring excitement to me neither. But the team on the field is what it's all about and they look good.

Lets keep packing the ballpark. It's a great atmosphere at Seamans Stadium in Okotoks. Now we just need the weather to co-operate. We burnt up on a Sunday afternoon game, then froze a couple of nights later. Gotta love Southern Alberta weather.

So Go Dawgs Go, and Come Fans Come to a great night of baseball entertain. This is a class organization.

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