Saturday, October 24, 2009

Win some, Lose some ...

Every notice how the AJHL (or even the NHL) season progresses, teams win some games they shouldn't, and lose some games they should have won?

Such was the case on Friday night in St. Albert where the Oilers should have won. With the score tied 1-1 and about half way through the third period, and with the Oilers outplaying the Steel, James Bannister scores on the PP to put us up 2-1.

Everything all rosey right!. WRONG!!!

Two lazy penalties for holding late in the game gave St. Albert two powerplays in the last three minutes in the game and they score on both of them. 3-2 St. Albert final.

urrggg!!!! How frustrating for the team, letting a game slip through their fingers.

Yes, you win some and lose some during the season. It's always nice to win the games your shouldn't win, but ouch, it hurts to lose a game you should have won.

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