Monday, September 1, 2008

Oiler drop 2 to the Calgary Canucks

This past weekend was not kind to the Okotoks Oilers, as they dropped both games of a home and home series to the resurging Calgary Canucks.

Even though the Saturdays game was not completed due to a broken pane of glass, it goes into the record books as a 4-1 win for the Canucks.

Move on to Sunday night at the Max Bell Arena. Firstly, I did not take kindly to being charged the full 12 dollar admittance fee to this pre-season game, as a few others felt also. Most teams charge a token 5 dollars to see a pre-season game, which is quite right, but to charge the full cost of a game is just being greedy. (Another case of the Canucks nickle and dimeing the fan/family).

On Sunday night, a high scoring game saw the Canucks get the better of the Oilers by a 6-4 score. The Oilers came out in the first period determined to make amends for last nights loss by jumping out to a 2-1 lead after one. Cody Dion and Mason Conway were the goal scores as we outshot the Canucks 14-4.

The second period was the complete opposite as the Canucks outshot the Oilers 13-5 and got the only goal and went to the intermission tied at 2-2. Oilers penalties cost them any momentum in this period.

The third period was a see saw affair, seeing the Canuck outscore us 4-2 and taking the game 6-4. Jesse Hudkins and Conway Mason (with his second) were our goal scorers.
Two goals were a direct result of mis-communication between our goaltender and our defenceman. Speaking of goaltending, Braely Torris has not stepped up to the plate yet in the pre-season. Sean Cahill, Steve Papciak and Andy Carmichael are all pushing Braely for the goaltending position, and they all have played quite well.

Sundays game saw Cody Dion once again play a strong game, showing his great shot, and hockey smarts. Corban Knight is still inconsistant and Andy Singerhouse is playing quite decent. 8 regulars played and 2 regulars are still sitting out account of injuries.

So the Oilers now have a 1-3 pre-season record with one game remaining on Tuesday night at home against the Canmore Eagles.

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