Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some raves, and stats...

Here we sit at 11 wins in a row. Not all easy wins at that, as proof of last nights O/T win at home against the Canmore Eagles. Not sure what the Oilers record was for consecutive wins, but I am sure this string of 11 is a record. Even the Kodiaks best winning streak this season is only 9 games.

We have the second best power play in the league. Only the Spruce Grove Saints are better.
We have two players (Elliot Sheen and Justin Daigle) in the top 20 in scoring. Two other players are in the next 20. (Curtis and Carter)
We have scored the most goals (151) of any team in our division.
Our 27-10 record this year breaks down to 14-3 at home and 13-7 away. Compare this to last years 20-17 record at this time, 11-5 at home and 9-12 away.

I strongly believe we have a championship team this year. We certainly need the crowd support, so come on out and support the Oilers.

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